Summer at the Scott Center

COVID-19 UPDATE: At the Scott Center we believe that, now more than ever, it is critical for children to build a social entrepreneurial mindset and skillset. We are committed to running robust summer programming. As of May, we anticipate our core programming to be virtual, with hopes of offering in-person camps when and if CDC and Santa Clara County deem it safe to do so. More information about the virtual camp model is available in the individual program descriptions below.

Our vision at the Scott Center is to inspire all learners to see the world as it is, imagine what it might be, and partner with their communities to realize long-term impact for people and the planet. 

NOTE: All times listed below are in PST. In order to deliver high-quality virtual programs, spots are limited. We encourage you to sign up early!

Questions? Reach out to Founding Director of the Scott Center for Social Entrepreneurship, Annie Makela:

What a Wonder-filled World!

July 13-July 17, 2020 (10:00 am - 11:15 am)

Ages: 4–6 | $225

Why don't fish have eyelashes? What if humans lived on the moon? What color is the wind? Where do coins come from? This Wonder World camp is designed to foster the young, curious mind! We will start the week by reading and exploring the vocabulary and stories of wondering. Throughout the week campers will spend time building an entrepreneurial mindset by sharing their own wonder questions. Supported by enthusiastic middle school helpers, our youngest campers will feel confident in knowing that asking big questions and sparking the imagination leads to fun exploration and adventures! Children will leave the week with a book of wonders and all sorts of fun facts about the world around them. Be prepared for your child to want to share lots of new learning and continue to ask the big questions! This Scott Center camp is inspired by our partnership with Wonderopolis.

Sustainable development goal #15: Life on Land
Sustainable development goal #4: Quality Education

Social Impact Stories and Bookmaking

July 6-10, 2020 (10:00 am - 11:15 am)

Ages: 5-8 | $225

Dive into some of the Scott Center's favorite picture books focused on being a changemaker, such as What Do You Do With A Problem?  Story is one of the Six Pillars of Social Entrepreneurship, and we believe that it plays a critical role in connecting ideas and people, sharing new lenses and perspectives, and deepening our relationship to others and to the planet. Throughout the week campers will read and act out stories in preparation to create their very own book. Children will receive a pre-camp packet that will have the materials needed to use the Scott Center Story Structure, help them put their imaginative ideas on paper, and become official "published" authors! Copies of the books the students create can be shared virtually and make for a great connection to grandparents, friends, and relatives near and far!

  • VIRTUAL (pre-camp materials kit sent to each participant)


Aug 10-14, 2020 (10:00 am - 11:15 am)

Ages: 7-9 | $225

Finance is one of the Six Pillars of Social Entrepreneurship Education at the Scott Center!  Throughout the week, campers will build on basic math skills through money and finance challenges that allow real-world applications of mathematical thinking and promote a deeper understanding of the financial system we all live in.  Real coins, real-time calculating, and a real chance to test out entrepreneurial skills throughout the week! We will even have ways to virtually tour the Scott Center Mint and use the student-designed social impact currency Hillbucks for a final project.

  • VIRTUAL (pre-camp materials kit sent to each participant) 
Sustainable development goal #17: Partnership for the Goals

E CUBED JR: Engineering+Entrepreneurship+ Exploration 

July 13-17, 2020 (10:00 am - 11:30 am)

INSTRUCTOR: Ken Hay, Ms. Mak

Ages: 8-10 | $250 

E cubed for elementary schoolers! Inspired by our middle school offering, this camp reflects our belief that helping students make connections across subjects remains a critical part of building a love of learning! This program is uniquely designed to be a virtual learning adventure and will be co-taught by faculty from the Hub (Hillbrook Maker Space) and the Scott Center for Social Entrepreneurship. Students will build foundational tinkering and imaginative thinking skills while working on real-world engineering and entrepreneurship mini-challenges. This camp will allow for flexible groupings and a "go at your own pace" menu of E+E+E options so that students get the support they need to feel success and growth throughout the week. 

  • VIRTUAL (pre-camp materials kit sent to each participant) 


July 6-10, 2020 (1:00 pm - 2:30 pm)

Ages 8–11 | $225

Girls have the power to transform their communities. Using the U.N.’s Sustainable Development Goals framework, this workshop aims to empower girls to speak up and stand up for the topics that matter most to them. This camp builds the entrepreneurial mindset which will help learners think critically about the actions they want to take locally and globally, strengthen and reinforce diverse leadership styles, challenge unjust systems, and build a toolkit of skills to turn ideas into impact. Topics and mini-challenges will be focused on the Six Pillars of Social Entrepreneurship: Design, Story, Civics, Systems, Finance, and Agency. One of the emphases throughout the week will be for the girls to form a close-knit and trusted community with one another, and all participants will experience moments of storytelling and story listening during their time together. A group of incredible volunteer mentors will be supporting our  EMPOWERFUL GIRLS methodology.

Sustainable development goal #5: Gender Equality

Money Matters 2.0

August 10-14, 2020 (2:00 pm - 3:30 pm)

Ages: 10-13 | $275

Finance is one of the Six Pillars of Social Entrepreneurship Education at the Scott Center, and we believe it is a deeply critical skill for all learners to apply to their day-to-day lives in and outside of the classroom! Throughout the week, students will build critical mathematical and systems-thinking skills through the lens of money and finance mini-challenges. We all live within the system of finance and therefore have a responsibility to understand our role in shaping and shifting it to create a just and ethical society. This camp is an extension of a previously taught elective class. Participants can expect to learn key financial literacy concepts such as saving, loaning, and investing while simultaneously deepening their engagement with some real-world systems of finance. This camp is designed in partnership with leaders from Kiva, B Lab, and the Stock Market Game.

  • VIRTUAL (pre-camp materials kit sent to each participant)


August 3-7, 2020 (9:00 am - 1:00 pm) 

Ages: Middle School | $650

Love politicsLove justice? How do politics further justice? This is
a one week intensive to develop hands-on mastery on the rules and strategies of how to use government to make social change. This is a team-based simulation that will place you on a simulated mock: social movement, presidential campaign, court trial, and congressional session. By the end of the week, you’ll apply your skills in real-life political action. Each day will examine the life and work of one political changemaker. We’ll examine Dr. Martin Luther King, Senator Robert Kennedy, Justice Earl Warren, Senator Cory Booker, and co-founder of Black Lives Matter, Patrisse Cullors. No prior civic knowledge is required but students will be examining real-life issues like racism and violence that require maturity.



Sustainable development goal #16: Peace, justice and strong institutions
Sustainable development goal #17: Partnership for the Goals

Social entrepreneurship 101

July 6-10, 2020 (1:00 pm - 2:30 pm)

Ages: Middle School | $225

"An entrepreneur is a game-changer, a community leader, an innovator, a disruptor, and an adventurer all in one."  -Richard Branson At the Scott Center, we believe the skills of social entrepreneurship will be the foundation for tackling future challenges, both in and outside of school. This camp offers an overview of the central tenets of the Scott Center's approach to Social Entrepreneurship Education: our core questions (What matters to you and what are you doing about it?) and the Six Pillars of Social Entrepreneurship (Design, Finance, Systems, Civics, Story, and Agency). Learners will have the chance to practice turning an idea into impact while putting these frameworks into practice! Now more than ever, the uncertainty and ambiguity of shelter-in-place have reinforced the need for an entrepreneurial mindset. We're excited to learn what matters to campers and give them the space to explore what they may want to do about it.


E CUBED: Engineering+Entrepreneurship+Ethics 

July 13-17, 2020 (2:00 pm - 4:00 pm)

Instructor: Ken Hay, Ms. Mak 

Ages: Middle School | $350 

We believe engineering, entrepreneurship, and ethics are the critical skills every student will need in order to thrive in the future. These three "E's" are often seen as separate subjects and camp offerings, but this camp is a uniquely designed, interdisciplinary virtual learning adventure co-taught by faculty from the Hub (Hillbrook Maker Space) and the Scott Center for Social Entrepreneurship and leading experts from right here in Silicon Valley. Students will fine-tune their tinkering and imaginative thinking skills while learning critical academic applications based on the best practices of engineering, ethics, and entrepreneurship through a series of mini-real world challenges. This camp will allow for flexible groupings so that students get the support needed to build on previous skills and learn new ones!

  • VIRTUAL (pre-camp materials kit sent to each participant) 
Sustainable development goal #17: Partnership for the Goals

QUESTABOX: Global IMpact + Leadership

July 13-Aug 7, 2020

Ages: Middle School | $2000

QUESTABOX was founded with a simple goal: to help students learn from people, not from workbooks. In this unique partnership between the Scott Center and QUESTABOX, students will have the opportunity to partake in a 20-day cultural learning exchange with a group of students in South Korea. Learning exchanges will be guided by expert global educators who will help students design their own Youtube channel to share lessons, create coding exchanges, and make exciting cultural exchange lessons. Similar to the Hillbrook buddy program, each participant will embark on a 1:1 student partnership. This program is a great opportunity for Hillbrook students to reach beyond themselves and make a global difference with a long-lasting impact for both sets of students! Students will gain leadership skills, deepen their global cultural competency and design innovative ways of connecting across geographic, language and cultural barriers! It has been a long-time goal of the Scott Center to share the best parts of a Hillbrook education with students from around the world and we are thrilled to partner with QUESTABOX to make this possible!

  • Offered in partnership with the Scott Center, run independently by QUESTABOX.

One Act of Impact

July 20-30, 2020 (10:00 am - 12:00 pm, no weekend classes)

  • 10:00 am - 11:00 am -- acting + writing lessons
  • 11:00 am - 12:00 pm -- 1:1 coaching sessions + independent project time

Ages: Middle School | $675

Actors all over the globe are reimaging how to continue their profession virtually! The Scott Center is excited to partner with several professional actors and directors straight from the streets of Hollywood and Broadway on a first-of-its-kind, ACTS of IMPACT virtual acting camp. Daily mini-lessons will be held on all aspects of theater, walking through the steps of taking a theatrical story from its beginnings to a final product over the course of the week (think writing, blocking, sustainable prop-making and costume design, and voiceover from a closet). The theme for this year’s camp will be “Changemakers,” and all students with an interest in theater, activism, and social impact are encouraged to apply!

  • Group performance held digitally with possible "pop-up" performances around town. 
Sustainable development goal #16: Peace, justice and strong institutions
Sustainable development goal #8: Decent work and economic growth

Entrepreneurship + Investing Bootcamp

June 18-20, 2020 (10:00 am-12:00 pm)

Ages: High School | $250*

Join this three-day Bootcamp to learn all the basics of social entrepreneurship and impact investing! We will partner with Middlebury College’s MiddCORE program to give students a taste of college-level innovation, finance, and leadership programs. The three days will include a mix of live classes, individual finance "sprints," and a final group finance and entrepreneurship hack-a-thon challenge for a panel of judges from the fields of entrepreneurship, finance, and social impact! This virtual camp is designed for students who have an interest in business, social impact, and investment and want to test taking an idea to market using the Six Pillars of Social Entrepreneurship (Design, Story, Civics, Systems, Finance, and Agency). Participants will gain real-world experience being social entrepreneurs and leave with the knowledge needed to transform future ideas into impact. In addition to mini-lessons and group work, we will hear from guest speakers from Silicon Valley, Wall Street, and Global Impact Firms. Participants will be amazed at what can be accomplished in this short three-day Bootcamp!


Harry Potter Alliance for Impact

July 27-31, 2020 (10:00 am - 11:15 am)

Ages: 8+ recommended, but open to all Harry Potter enthusiasts! | *Pay-what-you-can pricing model 

Calling all wizards, muggles, and HP enthusiasts! For one week, we will dive deep into the Hogwarts lifestyle and bring Harry Potter to life. With a focus on diversity, equity, and impact through the lens of Harry Potter, this summer camp will be equal parts magical and impactful. We will read aloud chapters, play Harry Potter trivia, create magical Harry Potter potions, and begin designing our Quidditch broomsticks. Throughout the week, we will use Harry Potter themes to talk about topics such as activism, gender equality, LGBTQ+ support, and climate change. You may be a muggle during the school year, but at this camp you will embrace all the magic of being a Hogwarts student!


*Suggested cost: $225. (We are excited to share a pay-what-you-can pricing model for this camp to ensure access to all. Reach out to learn more!)

Sustainable development goal #10: Reduced Inequalities
Sustainable development goal #4: Quality Education

Scott Center Summer Book Club

Every Monday in June, July, and August at 8:00 am

  • *June 1st session held at 9 am 
  • Designed for lower school students, open to the kid in all of us! 

We are excited to offer this summer program for free. Sign-up required in order to get the Google Meet link.

Developed in partnership with the Hillbrook and Scott Center community, this is not your average summer book club! The location and guest reader will always be a mystery! These mystery guests could include Ms. Dowty, Ms. Dohmen, Ms. Schilly, Mr. Silver, and Mr. D (as well as many others, including parents and alumni!). Each one will share a book, micro-lesson, and weekly empathy and impact challenge. One week, you might enjoy a book and tour of Ms. Dowty's farm, the next week you might experience a story and science exploration of Ms. Dohmen's backyard. We may even have a few guest speakers from international locations! Designed to feel like we are all sitting together around a beach bonfire, the stories will all have a social impact theme. Children of all ages will love the mix of mystery, familiar faces, and a weekly Monday morning ritual. Perfect for the student who can't commit to a full week of camp but is seeking small doses of connection and learning.


Collage Art for Impact with Sam Price

July 6-10; July 13-17 (10:00 am -11:30 am)

Ages: 8+ recommended | $250

Calling all art activists! The Scott Center is excited to partner with local artist Sam Price to host a Collage for Impact summer camp. Collage art is a great way to use recycled materials such as magazines, old invitations, junk mail, twigs, flowers, and leaves and turn them into something special. Participants will gain technical tips, learn Sam's special collage grid technique, and have ample time to interact virtually as part of an artists' community. The connection between art and social impact is a deep one, and we look forward to using this time to build an "everyone can be an artist" mindset while also sharing ideas for how to make a positive impact locally and globally through art and activism. A final group collage of a mystery social impact leader will round out this week-long camp. 

  • Instructors: Silicon Valley Artist, Sam Price and Scott Center Director, Annie Makela
  • Families are encouraged to attend together and can create collaborative or individual pieces. 
Sustainable development goal #13: Climate Action

POP-up impact labs

Random dates, random times! 

  • 3-hour Impact Labs (w/ plenty of brain and snack breaks!)


Sometimes we just need to take the time to dive deep into a single topic that interests us!  This was the mindset that launched our Pop-up Impact Labs, and we are excited to continue them as part of our summer programming this year. These Labs are a grab bag of Social Entrepreneurship Education topics. You can take part in one, some, or all of them! No homework, pre-reading, or in-between. Just show up curious and ready to dig into the topic at hand. Check back in June for confirmed dates and times. Have an idea for a Pop-up Impact Lab? Reach out to Scott Center Founding Director, Annie Maleka, at

Example Pop-up Impact Lab Topics include:

Designing for Joy, Ice Cream for Impact, Creativity Blast, Stock Market Munchies, Sustainable Cities, Recipes and Human Rights, Scott Center Test Kitchen: Sustainable Cooking + Cleaning, and Mindfulness, Meditation, and Mental Wellness


1:1 Social Impact Coaching


Open to all ages 

At the Scott Center, we know the work of social entrepreneurship is a mix of individual exploration and community connection. We also know that sometimes learners (of all ages!) thrive in one-on-one settings. This offering is a new addition to our summer programming based on inquiries and feedback. Social Impact Coaching from the Scott Center has been described as equal parts tutoring, social impact therapy, and project-based learning. 50-minute 1:1 sessions create a space for children to be supported as they dig into the Scott Center's core questions: what matters to me and what am I doing about it? Our research shows that by using these questions as a core framework, students of all ages move fluidly from curiosity and imaginative thinking to an empowered sense of active commitment and community connection. The Scott Center has designed a Social Impact Coaching Map that we use with learners to help track and share individual goals and make space for the application of both academic and social-emotional learning throughout these sessions. We also pride ourselves on knowing amazing social entrepreneurs and social impact leaders locally and globally and look forward to having "guest experts" join coaching sessions. Interested in learning more? Reach out to Scott Center Founding Director, Annie Makela at 

  • Location: Both virtual and in-person sessions offered

*Social Impact Coaching sessions are available in three, six, or nine-session packages. 

Sustainable development goal #17: Partnership for the Goals
Sustainable development goal #14: Life below water

Island School


Ages 10-13 | $3,700*

Calling all ocean enthusiasts and environmental stewards of the planet! This is Hillbrook’s second trip to the Island School in Cape Eleuthera, Bahamas focused on place-based and experiential learning, deep understanding of sustainability efforts abroad, ocean preservation research, adventure, teamwork, and exercise. Students will engage in all traditional Island School activities including, shared community meals, morning exercise, ocean research and data collection, local activism and service, and efforts of conservation and sustainability. Much of the trip will be spent outside catching and tagging sea turtles, collecting data on plastic pollution, and reflecting on our day under the stars.

  • Location: Cape Eleuthera, Bahamas

*(Limited scholarships available). This comprehensive fee includes all meals, accommodations, airfare, instructors, and materials.

Join us for a summer of fun!