We firmly believe all K-12 schools should be teaching social entrepreneurship as a core academic subject, and we've accumulated resources that will help educators incorporate social entrepreneurship education into their communities and classrooms.

Six Pillars of Social Entrepreneurship

Case Study: Bay Area Transportation

At the Scott Center for Social Entrepreneurship at Hillbrook School, we ground our work in the framework of our Six Pillars of Social Entrepreneurship: Design, Story, Civics, Systems, Finance, and Agency. This case study illustrates the ways in which these Six Pillars provide both an entry point and an engagement roadmap for learners of all ages as they see the world as it is, imagine what it might be, and partner with their communities to realize long-term impact for people and the planet.

Scott Center for Social Entrepreneurship

Educator Resources

Guiding Questions

Grades: JK - 8

Idea to Impact Map

Grades: JK - 8

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What Matters to Me?

Grades: JK - 8

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Social Entrepreneurs Wardrobe

Grades: JK - K

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SSIR, The Case For Definition

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