Process and Product

Scissors and Glue

by Matt Callahan, Associate Director of the Scott Center for Social Entrepreneurship

“Smile occasionally. Your subjects are serious, but the occasional smile expresses empathy and makes us want to care about what you’re saying,” wrote Mary Hammers to the keynote …

A Short Overview of SIL


by Mark Silver, Head of Hillbrook School

What happens when you ask a group of 8th graders to build upon the experience they have gained through several years of reach beyond programming by enrolling them in a yearlong, core academic …

Student Voice: Reflections on Climate Action

Student Voice

Climate action is one of the topics that we hear about most consistently from our students when we ask what matters to them. They have an incredible understanding of how many issues are connected to the problem termed as “climate …

Gender Equity Matters, Now and Always


by Annie Makela, Founding Director of the Scott Center for Social Entrepreneurship

Women’s History Month provides the opportunity to double-click on some of the stories and values we teach and celebrate year-round at the Scott Center. This month we’ve been …