Student Voice: Reflections on Climate Action

Climate action is one of the topics that we hear about most consistently from our students when we ask what matters to them. They have an incredible understanding of how many issues are connected to the problem termed as “climate change,” and they feel the urgency of the need to act to address the crisis. Below are reflections about climate action recently shared by Hillbrook Students in 3rd through 7th grade. Their sense of agency inspires us!

Remy and Alex ’21 taught an Earth Day lesson to 3rd graders as part of their Social Impact and Leadership project.

“Climate change matters to me because I believe it is the basis of all problems. If we don’t help save our planet, we can’t live, animals can’t live, plants can’t live.” -Aidan ‘22

“I had no idea how serious the water crisis in California is. At first it was really depressing and I didn’t know what to do. Our guest speaker talked to us about turning our anxiety about climate change into action and education. So that’s what I am doing. I am really interested in this idea of underwater gardening in the ocean!” -Anonymous

“Think about it, it would be a dream if we all used solar energy because it would help the Earth so much and you can help that dream come true. Some things you can do are to try and stop buying processed foods or ride a bike so that your car is not producing bad fuels.” -Danni ‘23

“One of the ways some of the California fires was caused was by a smoking-generating pyrotechnic which was used during a gender reveal party. This is an example of people being careless and not being aware of their surroundings, and because of that 259,823 acres of land was burned, 5 people died, and many animals (the amount is unknown) were trapped in their homes and burned alive.” -Sasha ‘23

“What matters to me is a question that has been asked at Hillbrook for a long time. It’s a simple question but it is very hard to answer. What matters to me is that our planet can catch ourselves before we hit rock bottom and lose our climate. We need to get a sustainable energy source to power our needs without producing anymore CO2.” -Tyler ‘22

“Aquaponics seems like something all farmers and all people should know much more about. We need to start paying attention to these things now so that we don’t wait until it’s too late.” -Henry ‘23

“We are called Captains of the Creek because we spend time during recess exploring in the creek and we found a tire down there that we want to take out and turn into a tire swing for the 3rd grade!” -Savannah ‘27

The Captains of the Creek!