Behind the Scenes of Reach Beyond Week with the Scott Center

The Hillbrook Reach Beyond program was launched in partnership with the Scott Center in 2017 to encourage students to reach beyond themselves and make a difference in the world. Hillbrook students participate in Reach Beyond Block courses throughout the year and, each Spring, take part in Reach Beyond Week, where they engage deeply with one Reach Beyond offering for an entire week.

This year, Scott Center Associate Director Matt Callahan taught a Reach Beyond Week course titled “Passion Projects for Community Good.” Designed in collaboration with the 8th-grade Social Impact + Leadership course, this RBW gave students the chance to explore how community members can use their skills, passions, and interests to help one another in times of crisis. His day-by-day notes (below) offer some insight into what Reach Beyond Week looks like at the Scott Center!

Monday: First we started with introductions. We asked students to introduce themselves to each other and then they created collages that captured who they are and what they care about (modeled on SIL venn diagrams – issues and interests intersection). Then, Aidan explored financial inequalities and we looked at organizations fighting inequity. 

Tuesday: Students learned about how COVID has isolated people in memory care facilities. Students then wrote letters through Quinlan’s org: Love from the Snail. 

Wednesday: Students learned about hunger in and around the South Bay. Then they baked brownies from Lucia’s organization: Baking for Good with Ms. Delish. The idea is that people buy these baking boxes and are provided with ingredients and a short video that explains how to bake them. The proceeds go to creating boxes with nutritious food for food deserts. Students used reusable containers and Fair Trade and B corp ingredients. 

Thursday: Ellen led people in an exercise using their passions/interests and the issue they outlined on day 1 to create a social impact business idea.

Friday: Students learned about diversity in the National Hockey League and pushes for environmental sustainability from Patrick Marleau and Evander Kane (co-head of the Hockey Diversity Alliance). Then students researched their favorite athlete and their impact work.