On Campus and Beyond: Celebrating Student Entrepreneurs

We get to see Hillbrook students using their social entrepreneurial skillset every day. In classrooms all over campus, they exercise and strengthen their communication skills by articulating what matters to them and what they’re doing about it. In Scott Center electives and courses, they design currency, advocate for non-profits they’re passionate about, and create podcasts to tell and hear important stories. As they reach across academic disciplines to apply a critical lens to current problems and ideate future solutions, they active their entrepreneurial toolkit.

We also get to see and hear about Hilbrook students and alums who have put their entrepreneurial skills to use off campus. We regularly receive emails from alums who want to share with us the ways they’re applying perspectives, analytical lenses, and vocabulary they learned with the Scott Center in their high school studies. We also receive lots of messages from both current and former students who have found something that matters to them and begun enacting their vision for what they want to do about it.

In honor of all our incredible student and alum entrepreneurs, this month we’re shining a spotlight on a few of those whose stories have recently come our way. Read on to learn what they’re up to!

Zoe ’26 and Olivia ’24 founded Ocean Love to combine their love of the beach, passion for art, and desire to protect the oceans.

Author, Illustrator, and Ocean Conservationist Kelsey ’21 wrote a book titled Natalie and the Narwhal. You can preorder it here!

Chloe ’23 started Chloe Bakes a Difference to channel her passion for baking into a way to donate money to local nonprofits that she cares about. You can place a January, March, or February order here!

Weber ’20 and Tyler ’22 started a business called TM Jewelry to take their passion for the craft to the next level.

Sloane ’23 hosted a Pop-Up Impact Lab to make cards for Uplift Family Services!

A group of seventh-graders started Ornaments for Good with the mission of creating “small trinkets that spark joy.” 100% of their profits will be donated to San Jose Family Shelter. You can order their work here.