Hillbrook Students Can Help You Purchase with Purpose This Holiday Season

We at the Scott Center are lucky enough to hear what matters to Hillbrook students on a regular basis. Their passions range far and wide, and sometimes even include certain companies, products, manufacturing styles, or mission statements. So as the holiday season rapidly approaches, we rounded up some of the super cool gift ideas and organizations that students have opened our eyes to. If you’re looking for ways to fill your giving with impact this year, or want to support B Corps and other companies with impact-driven missions, read on! You’ll find some fun, fashionable, singular, and useful suggestions.

Though 4ocean started out selling bracelets, they now offer a wide variety of products, including reusable ones that can help us make more sustainable choices in our day-to-day lives. And for each item purchased, the company removes a pound of plastic from the ocean through their clean-up programs!

Bureo partners with communities and organizations to collect end-of-use fishing nets and prevent them from ending up in the ocean, where they cause intense damage to marine ecosystems. The company then uses that net material to manufacture skateboards and other products!

Bioglitz advocates for both sustainability and self-expression with their line of plant-based, biodegradable glitters! They are “dedicated to eradicating glitter’s toxicity and restoring its magic.”

This SDG soccer ball from the UNDP can help remind us of our commitment to the global goals and how they intersect with so many aspects of our daily lives — including, of course, sports! Proceeds from the purchase go towards raising awareness about the SDGs and related work.

Allbirds makes use of sustainable resources and recycled materials in their shoes and packaging. They offer footwear that is snazzy, lightweight, and environmentally conscious!